About Mark Durrett

An Experienced Leader to Help Grow Your Business

Mark is a B2B marketing executive with broad industry experience, solid technical chops and strong entrepreneurial instincts. 

Mark started his career as an electrical engineer (BSEE from NC State University), and worked in digital circuit design for over a decade. As his increasing seniority exposed him to more customer interactions, Mark decided to seek out roles that would allow him to apply his technical knowledge to more directly solving customer problems. 

Mark has been the senior marketing or product executive for a number of small to medium sized B2B businesses in cybersecurity software, telecom equipment, advertising technology, and industrial automation. Most recently, he led the digital marketing practice at Interprose, a full-service marketing agency where his team developed and executed integrated marketing campaigns for technology companies and industry association clients.


► Quick study of new technologies and impact trends

► Thrives when operating with limited resources 

► Go-to-market strategies 

► Creating tools that accelerate sales pipelines

► Internal stakeholder communication 

► Driving organizational consensus for new programs


► Go-to-market strategy

► Product positioning, messaging and marketing

► Uncovering demand  

► Working with start-ups

► Creating and developing brands

► Account-based marketing

► Translating market and competitive insights into into action plans

► Accelerating market adoption through sales tool and program development


I like to mountain bike, play music, build stuff, adventure race, make and drink good beer, cook and eat good food. I’m passionate about my family, living, loving, laughing and learning.